The Master’s students of the International Media Cultural Work program are temporarily adapting to a new online format. This is an opportunity to learn from this format by understanding audience engagement. The following responses will be used to assess the online exhibition and will remain anonymous.


1. How did you become aware of the exhibition?

2. Which motives were decisive for your visit?
(Up to three nominations are possible.)

3. Have you already been to an exhibition of the Media Campus at Museum Schloss Fechenbach?

4. Will you recommend the exhibition?

5. How many of the exhibition pieces did you watch or listen to completely?

6. Do you see advantages in exhibiting Media Art online in addition to them being available in Museums?

7. Based on your experience here, do you have a preference between exhibitions held in this online format or the in-person museum venue?

8. Information about your person

How old are you?

What is your gender?

Which current status do you have?

What is your profession?

What is your highest education level?

Where do you live?

Town/City and Country

Thank you for your participation!